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To whom it may concern

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Mrs. Mary Ann Smith as employment recruiter.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with her, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to absolutely anyone. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she is always on top of things.

Her knowledge of J1 visa positions and expertise was a huge advantage .

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Mrs. Smith to anyone looking for J1 position.

Please feel free to contact me should you like to discuss my experience on searching for J1 positions and interaction with Mrs. Smith.  I’d be happy to expand on my recommendation.

Best wishes,
Dr. S. Kwon


I found Ms. Mary Ann Smith while searching for a J1 physician recruiter on the internet and was very grateful for the opportunity to work with her. She was very hard working and diligent in finding J1 waiver jobs for both my husband and I in Hematology/Oncology and Endocrinology respectively.  She was able to find us both positions at the same practice in a town with close proximity to a metropolitan area.  I would strongly recommend her as a physician recruiter for persons looking for J1 waiver jobs.

Farah Alli


To whom it may concern:

I am writing this in order to recommend Maryann Smith as an independent recruiter. I was impressed on how fast she was able to find me a position. It was money well spent. She is very dependable and communicates much better than other recruiters I have worked with. I recommend her without hesitation.

Cristian Del Carpio, MD FACC


I used Mary Ann's recruiting services to find a J1 waiver position in a very short period of time. Although, this is a non-traditional setup for a recruiter, where the physician pays instead of the employer, she had lined up 4 interviews in a matter of days, one of which I signed with. I have nothing but good things to say about her. I would recommend her to anyone requiring services for a J1 waiver.

Thank you
Shahzaib Mirza M.D.


To whom it may concern,

I've been working with Ms. Mary Ann Smith over the past few months as she's been supporting my search for a J1 waiver job.
My experience with her has been very positive throughout the process. She's very attentive as she took her time to listen to my criteria and always provided me with her prompt feedback. Her expertise in the field, resources and networks were of great support and the reason behind me finding a J1 waiver job.
It's been a pleasure working with Ms. Smith and I would happily recommend her services as I found it money well spent.

Kamal Sewaralthahab M.D.

I would strongly recommend working with Mary Ann if you are in need of a J-1 waiver position. Her focus on these types of positions makes her very good at what she does.  She was able to find me a position with my specific needs in mind. In addition, she was very pleasant to work with. She was dedicated and responded promptly to any questions I had.

I am truly grateful to Mary Ann for helping me through this process of finding a waiver position. She made the task so much easier to handle.

Deborah Majchel, MD


To whom this may concern,

I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Mary Ann Smith over the last several months in an attempt to find a J1 waiver job.

She takes her time to talk with you over the phone and does not appear rushed. She has strong established connections with employers to facilitate finding a J1 waiver job. She is timely and resourceful with good networking skills.

She is approachable and has been very prompt in answering my emails and phone-calls, throughout the week including weekends.

I thank her for her time in helping me find an employer.

I wish her all the best in all her future endeavors.

Pooja Advani, MD


It is a pleasure to write in behalf of Mary Ann Smith. She is an efficient physician recruiter who has helped me secure a physician position in my desired location. She is very easy to work with and is pleasant to talk to. I strongly recommend her services to other physicians.

Aileen Puno, M.D.
Indianapolis In


"Hello to all,
It was a pleasure working with MaryAnn Smith. She is an excellent physician recruiter, extremely resourceful, hardworking with lots of patience. She has a good network and helps to find the most suitable job.She is always available to talk (weekends and even late nights)) very soft spoken and reliable.

I highly recommend her. She helped me find the most perfect job, which completelysatisfied my personal as well as professional needs. Thanks MaryAnn for all the effort you have put in. I really appreciate it and wish you all the best for future ;) keep up the good work!

Neha Malik, M.D.


"Mary Ann has been one of the finest recruiters I have worked it. She is very good at making prompt & strong connections with medical facilities offering J-1 waiver positions. She is also a very personable individual who will return your calls & emails promptly.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ms. Mary Ann Smith to any of my colleagues. Finally, she helped me find a waiver spot which satisfied my personal & professional goals & objectives"

Pankaj Nagaraj, MD, M.P.H.
Neonatology Fellow PGY 6


To whom it may concern:

Mrs. Mary Ann Smith is extremely reliable.

I met her when I already knew the region where I wanted to work. Her diplomacy and persistence are outstanding. In less than 2 months she found the job I wanted. Her work discipline is excellent; she is well organized and she has a professional attitude.

During the interview process the employers did not hesitate to call her the best recruiter they’ve worked with; “ she is nice; professional; no pressure”.

As opposed to other recruiters, Mary Ann does not charge the employer.

Most importantly, if you are one of the docs with a crazy schedule, Mary Ann will be flexible and work with you and for you the way you suggest.

Mary Ann is an outstanding recruiter. I would recommend her without hesitancy. You will be thrilled, as she’ll find you the perfect job.


Anca Staii, M.D.


To Whom it May Concern,

The process of finding the right place, specially for J-1 visa holders (meaning a waiver area that you could be happy), is quite bothersome. For that reason I hired Mary Ann Smith, as a physician recruiter. She is hard worker, dedicated and reachable on weekends or after working hours.

My experienced with her was quite pleasant and I highly recommend her.

Cristobal Sanchez Metz, MD


Hi Mary Ann,

Thanks for being so concerned. I hope you are doing better too. Ballet, as great as it is, traumatize the toes, but it is always a pay off. The joy Harmony and beauty of mind and body moves... In fact I met a Ballerina, during my residency, who started her podiatry residency at age 40 with 3 kids to learn more about the feet!

Yes, you are right about tons of paperwork for visas but attorneys can be really slow and inattentive to the stressful situation in which the client is. I enjoyed working with you because you are very persistent and compassionate and got the interview with GPHA, that they were not willing to first offer. 

My friend is a lovely girl and Good doctor and makes a good impression too. She is very confident and I am sure can get the position with your direction and help, easily.

Thanks for everything and will let you know when the papers being filed.
You have a wonderful day and take care.



I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Mary Ann Smith. She helped me out this past year in my J1 waiver position. I had contacted her after looking at the website. In my first phone meeting she came across as a very enthusiastic and friendly person. She listened to my requirement and worked with me to get a position that was satisfactory to me. She was always in contact with me to update what was in progress, which was most helpful.  She has many contacts in various areas and is a great resource for anyone. There was enough opportunities by interviewing in several places in different states for me to decide on what was best for me. I did not feel pressured to accept a job that I was not interested in.

I thank her for all her support and would be happy to talk to anyone if there are any further questions.

Shabana Naz, MD
Infectious Disease


Hi Mary Ann,

Thanks a million for helping me find a waiver job that I wanted. You understood our situation and worked with us to find the right job. Thanks for never pressuring me into taking just any job. I also thank you for helping me with my questions about the waiver process and what to expect.  It was a great pleasure working with you.

Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work. Both me and my husband are highly indebted to you.

Priyanka and Sharad


This is to acknowledge the fact that Ms Mary Ann Smith is a physician Recruiter one would like to work with. She is very thorough, meticulous, hardworking and persuasive in her efforts to find a suitable job for the doctor in need. She is reachable out of office hours which makes the life for the busy Resident easy.Her soft spokenness makes you quite comfortable during conversation.

She listens to the doctor`s interest and the needs and directs her search accordingly.

She does not force her way like many other Recruiters and I would highly recommend her for the job search.

Manzoor A Shah, M.D; MRCP


To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mary Ann Smith for your J1 waiver endeavor. She did an excellent job in getting me a position in reasonably big city within a very short time.

She had an excellent rapport with many J1 waiver employment sites and is available when in need. It is wonderful to have assistance like I received from her.

Mary Ann, I appreciate your effort tremendously. Thank you so much.

Dr. Dasari


Hey Mary Ann,

To Whom it May Concern;

Mary Ann was  recommended to me by friend after a frustrating search for  physiatry and pain management jobs. She is very kind, listens to all your concerns, requests etc. She always finds time to to talk  to you.  More importantly she is very efficient,  I had 2 interviews set up in states that I was  interested in within a week of signing up with her. I just signed up for a job in Delaware and i'm looking forward to  starting in July. Mary Ann,I can't thank you enough for making my job search extremely painless. It was a pleasure working with you. I strongly recommend her for any physcian in the job hunt.


Edward Babigumira,MD


Hi MaryAnn,

I did indeed called Dr. Haque yesterday, and I will call him again today, to tentatively schedule another meeting. He seems to be very interested indeed. As you know, I also have an interview with Dr. DeLeon on the 21st, and - the news!- I scheduled this morning an interview for the 20st at MorrisHeights! Things seem to really start going on in New York! I am going tonight at 9 pmat Lennox Hill, to be admitted, so most likely I will get in touch with you in a few days, after the baby is born-Again, thank you very much for all your effort-me and David really appreciate all your hard work.



Dear Maryan,

Hello, hope you'll be doing good. Maryann I've signed the contract for the practice inConnecticut and I've got my CT license too. I’ll start working very soon. I still want to thank you for all your efforts in trying to find a job for me. I was really impressed by your hard work and sincerity. Thank you so much. Take care.

Saadia Qureshi 2002


Hi Maryann,

I spoke to the attorney yesterday and they spoke to Dr Goldring who showed willingness to move ahead so I did not call him. And as promised once I get the contract I will send you first of the 2 payments. Take care.

Saadia Qureshi 2004


Mrs. Smith has been working for me since Sept 2005.  For now she helps me to follow-up papers with employer and lawyer to secure j1 stuff.

Last year I had 4 interviews in Florida< two of them were nothing but excellent opportunities. But my wife did not like Florida heat and school system. So I went to Colorado. Hopefully for good.

If you want Florida - you will have 2-3 interviews in nice places within 1-3 months.

To me Mrs. Smith provided really great support in finding opportunity and furthermore: she was very patient when I changed my mind twice (before CO I agreed and then rejected opportunity in Georgia). I am pretty sure she is giving this kind of help to all her clients.

Bottom-line: She is great and for your money you will have perfect practice in short time and perfect service till you have everything secured for job (I paid off our agreement 4 months ago< but she still takes care of my papers).
Good luck,
Andrey Ilyasov


Hi Maryann

Finally some good news The DOS finally approved my  waiver in Georgia and have sent the letter though I haven't received it yet. I believe everything will be smooth from here Morehouse School of Medicine will be filling for an expedited H1 as soon as I send them the waiver recommendation. Thanks for all your efforts and help Will keep you posted.


Hi Maryann,

Got message from Morehouse this morning that my waiver and H1B have been approved. Hope to start work early October. Thanks for all your help and advice guess all is well that ends well.




Hi Ms Smith,

I hope you had a nice holiday weekend.

I had my interviews and had a good impression from all of the people I visited.

The interview in The Villages was mainly with Mrs. K, who is the office manager. I went back on Saturday morning as she requested and was able to speak briefly with Dr. K She seems to be enthusiastic with the idea, however there is no formal job offer yet. They will eventually send a proposal or get back to me.

 Dr. Falestiny seems to be interested. We had a long conversation during and after the interview in a very friendly atmosphere. He hasn't made any job offer yet. He wanted me to call him again after concluding with all my interviews.

 Dr. Kohli and Dr. Mitra were very interested. I met both, as well as David and the rest of their staff members. They offered the position during dinner. They are going to talk with my attending(s) (references) and will make the formal offer.

 This is the result of the interviews inFloridaso far.  If there is additional information I need to know I would appreciate your feedback.




Mary Ann,

Dr. Shaheen and I have decided to go with Dana Kelly as or attorney as well as Dr. Khanna for our waiver job.  They are working on the final details of the contract and I suspect it should be signed within the next week.  You shall receive your 2nd installment no later then the 1st week of October.  Thank you again for your help and we will recommend you to anybody else we know looking for a J1 Waiver.  There is no further need to find any more waiver opportunities for us and we have instructed all correspondence that Dr. Khanna may have regarding Dr. Shaheen be geared directly towards us.  Should anything change we will let you know, but I doubt that will be the case! Thanks again you really got us a great job!

Kind Regards, 
Adeel Karim


Hi Mary Ann,

Thanks for checking on me to see how the waiver thing is going. California dept of state is yet to approve it but I spoke to Catherine Hicks and she sounded optimistic, so I am just waiting.I must say that I enjoyed working with you and will gladly refer any of my colleagues to you. Also feel free to use me as a reference for any one that has any questions.

I will keep you posted.

Thanks and all the Best

Dr. Ony Okezi 


Hello Mrs. Smith,

I am doing just great in my practice here in NM! Always keep you in my mind for helping me secure this spot!

Work is good, the team here is great, still working with Mr. J Brown in securing my work permit, he's been very kind and diligent in working with me during all this undertakings.

Me and my wife are just totally in love with our 10-month-old Sebastian, cant' wait to get home after work to play with him!

We have been really Blessed, and certainly wish the same to you in the upcoming year,

Keep in touch!
Julio R Rivera, MD



Dear Mary Ann

Thanks so much for the very nice e-mail. It was pleasure working with you and you have done an outstanding job.
I will be in touch.




Dear Ms. Smith:

I have heard about your agency through friends of mine who were highly satisfied with your services in their job search - Dr. Joel Estrada from Metropolitan Hospital is one of them. I am very interested in collaborating with you to find the J-1 waiver job that fits me the best.Currently, I am a fellow in Geriatric Medicine at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. I have graduated in July 2003 from New York Medical College - Metropolitan Hospital and I am already board certified in Internal Medicine. Originally, I am from Bulgaria and I have J-1 exchange visitor status. I am looking for jobs in the Connecticut - New York  - Pennsylvania area. I appreciate your time and attention.
Looking forward to your reply.


Violeta Galabova, MD

Again, thanks for all your efforts in presenting me and placing me in a facility which I really like. I will keep you informed how my waiver request is going.

Best regards,

Violeta Galabova


Dear Mary Ann

I just want to give you an update and ask you for a favor, The position was approved by the Conrad-30 Delaware State program, and now the process will go to the Department of State.I would like to ask you if you can give the name of the immigration lawyers you have recommended me initially.

I'd like to thank you again for all your help,

Best regards,
John Gomez


Dear Mary Ann:

I do apologize for not being able to return your call. Well, my application has just been submitted to the TN through state 30.I hope the process is completed in time. I would keep you posted in any case.I do have some friends who would be contacting you about the waiver.
With best wishes and warm regards,



Thanks MaryAnn
I have started working for ReDco last month. Things have been just fine.



Hi  Ms. Smith

Good news. I got my contract yesterday. Kindly send me   your   complete address and don't forget to mail the copy of the contract and something saying
that I have paid you in full. I will mail you the check by Monday. Thanks for being so patient.


Dear Dr. Badar:

Thank you as I received the lovely card a special note, you sent along with the final payment.  Thank you again and it was nice working with you. I know all will work out good for you and all the best in Pennsylvania to you and your husband. Please keep me posted  - again I would like to know the timing - how long it takes - going through ARC and I will mail you a paid in full receipt tomorrow morning. Thanks again, Mary Ann Smith


Hi we are moving this week to TN
the other good news, praise GOD, my wife got a residency position in Chattanooga in TN too.John our son will be going to a dedicated 24-hour day care. As for dr hasan. The last time I heard from him was more then 6 month ago I got busy and I never heard from him, and I think he just concentrated his calls to me when he needed the information most. I wish him well.
How is your family?

Take care now.


Things are going well. I'm staying very busy. Dr. Glenn is looking for a pediatrician, med-peds or a primary care physician with either a fellowship such as nephrology, endocrinology etc. still hard getting use to living in a small town. Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving as well. H. Cribe MD Internal Medicine


Hello   Ms. Smith,
Thanks for your note. My waiver just came through, PRAISE GOD!!!. I can start  getting some pay immediately. I had worked at the clinic without pay for the last several months and I am hoping that I will be transitioned to a paid employee by my employers without much friction. It has not been easy but I am praying that these three years will pass peacefully without any hitches.  Georgia is OK. The only draw back to being in a rural area is lack of options. It took about 4 weeks the other day before I could get an electrician. I do give thanks to God in all things. My son is doing great. He is such a joy. He is eager to please me 80% of the time and the remaining, he wants to-do his on thing; not too bad for a 2 year old. He is getting used to daycare. I hope your children are doing well.

Take care and God bless You


Dear Ms. Smith,
I am sending you the rest of the payment tomorrow; Feb. 28 Let me know when you've received it. Could you send me some kind of receipt or acknowledgement at I have paid you in full? I would like it for my records. I hope this finds you well


Sonita Estrada


Mrs. Smith,

as always, nice hearing from you, thanks for keeping me in your mind.  Things around here still pretty much unchanged from the last time we talked.  Papers are at the INS (now known as BCIS -Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services-), they gave me a notification quoting "between 30 and 90 days to process this  papers" and according to that, I am at about 45-47 days out of those 90 so hopefully I'll hear from them soon and once they come out of there it will all be just about over and I'll happily depart to New Mexico to start working FFFIINNAALLLYYY!!!!. So every day me and my wife pray for patience and for  the papers to move along in the process in an expedite manner.
Glad to hear from Dr. Hemangi Sane, she was indeed a colleague of mine in NYC, I'm happy she's gotten a waiver with your assistance!
Anyway, I'll try to call you tomorrow so we can talk in "real time" and let you know in details how the process is going although I pretty much tell you all in this email.

Again, thanks for keeping in touch, and at the same time I'll keep you updated as soon as I hear something.


Dr. J. Rivera Internal Medicine


Dear Ms. Smith
I mailed the second part of the payment to you today. Please let me know when you receive it. I feel that your services are outstanding, and I know I wouldn't be able to find such a wonderful position without your help! Thank you!!

Andras Kovacs, M.D. 


Dear Ms. Smith,

My papers are being processed at state office of TN.I am hoping it should move to state department some time in first week of May. I would keep you posted. Thanks for being in touch,




Thanks The interviews were wildly superb all the facilities I visited were positive and I now have the dilemma of having to pick a site ASAP.  Let us talk tomorrow and I will detail all the sites Thanks for the great opportunities I think it will work out well



Dear M.A.

I had a wonderful time working with you. Thank you very much for all the   hard work and sincere concern & care that you put towards my job search. You do an excellent job.  I wish you well.I believe no one else could’ve done it better then the way you did. Will keep in touch. Thank you very much

Aimee :>  
PS pls help me pray the J1 process go   smoothly too.



How r u doing. Long time no see or talk. How is your business going and how is your children and your son we r fine and working on office. Things are slow this time of year and still waiting for my name to be on major insurance companies. I have one receptionist and than i work myself. I am promoting this office as regular pediatric and acute care also.  Also see adults and people like that very much when I tell them I will see them also with their children if parentsare sick.any way will talk.  Nadia and boys are fine. Boys aregrowing big and I enjoy them a lot. They r fun now. Keep
in touch



Psychiatrist/Child Adolescent


Dear Mary Ann,

Long time no see (hear). I hope you and Mallory would be doing just wonderful. As you know with great efforts of Mike things moved at great speed with the whole process and presently my application is with INS crossing big hurdles. I wrote to Mike that we had a winning combination with you and Mike playing absolute key roles in bring in excellent results. With this history In mind I am in a process of hiring the services of third arm of our team i.e. Mr. Jessie Brown as attorney to Complete the H1B part of the process and hope he would bring about the same success as we had with you and Mike.Please give any input that you think would be important at this juncture. As always being such a trustful well-wisherI have never hesitated to take your advice and follow with your excellent suggestions.
Hope to hear from you.


Pramath Nath


I had Ms Mary Ann helped me search for the waiver job and I can tell without hesitation she did work hard and as you are aware got me a job which I am quite satisfied with. She has lot of knowledge about this field, of how the thing work and how to present the papers and the person in effective manner. She is also easily accessible on phone and Internet which I thing is vital so both parties can plan and be at the same wavelength. I am pretty sure she can realize your goal if you go along with her.

Good luck and best wishes.

P. Nath-Pediatrician,


Thank you so much again, for putting in special efforts to find out this information. Thanxs--- You are truly a wonderful person to work with, Love –




Dear M.A.

Thank you so much for everything. I truly appreciate all your efforts + time –I hope the book you receive will help you in further developing your own business as success principles never change no matter what type of business you have. Thank you once again,




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...Ms Mary Ann Smith is a physician Recruiter one would like to work with. She is very thorough, meticulous, hardworking and persuasive in her efforts to find a suitable job for the doctor in need.  She is reachable out of office hours which makes the life for the busy Resident easy.Her soft spokenness makes you quite comfortable during conversation.

She listens to the doctor`s interest and the needs and directs her search accordingly.

She does not force her way like many other Recruiters and I would highly recommend her for the job search.

Manzoor A Shah, M.D; MRCP

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