How We Serve J1 and H1B Visa Holder Physicians

How We Serve J1 and H1B Visa Holder PhysiciansWe understand the limitations and restrictions placed upon the j1 visa physician and what seems to be an ever-daunting process upon processes. We do our best to streamline each of these steps while working within the j1 guidelines that are set forth.

To better serve our physician clients interest, and to achieve your professional career objective, we encourage and welcome your input. We look forward to working with you together as a team. We will establish and develop interest in your CV through various prospective health care employers where you will ultimately be presenting.

Once we begin your job search we will guide you through each step along the way. We take you right from the time of your initial application through to your actual placement acceptance. MDOpportunities will be providing you useful, informative and helpful tips, as well as the necessary guidance that will lead to your placement. We will assist you in entirety throughout the job development process. Together we will establish and set forth a realistic job search campaign leading to an attainable physician placement.  We consider the best placement as "one best matched to your interests and able to meet your j1 requirements."

As the physician, you will be undergoing a major transition from residency or fellowship into establishing your future career. You may want to visit several facilities before making a final decision on where you will be settling for at least the next several years or longer. On the other hand, if the first facility you visit comes with a fair and decent job offer and 75%, or more, of your needs are met, you might choose that offer. Don’t hesitate to trust your instinct that this might be a great opportunity.

Your recruitment agent can further help you screen facilities and address some questions such as:

  • Identifying the type practice
  • Number of health care providers
  • How many patients you would be expected to see a day
  • What is the call coverage, how is it shared
  • What type of procedures are performed in office if any
  • What is the patient mix
  • What is the community like and its geography

When preparing for an interview you should consider

  • Learning about the area in advance, including visiting the facility’s web page
  • Have an understanding of the interview process and agenda
  • What the expectations will be clinically/professionally
  • Understand a typical work day
  • Know who you will be speaking with –their names and titles.
  • Organize, on paper, any questions you might have
  • Carry a portfolio along with you including your CV, and letters of recommendation
  • Involve your spouse as he/she will be important in this process as well
  • Plan and allow time to meet with a real-estate agent
  • Take a tour, visit the community

We will guide you how to best prepare yourself during the interview and provide helpful pointers as you prepare for an interview. MD Opportunities will help to insure that you will be a well-received and desirable candidate for the position.


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...Ms Mary Ann Smith is a physician Recruiter one would like to work with. She is very thorough, meticulous, hardworking and persuasive in her efforts to find a suitable job for the doctor in need.  She is reachable out of office hours which makes the life for the busy Resident easy.Her soft spokenness makes you quite comfortable during conversation.

She listens to the doctor`s interest and the needs and directs her search accordingly.

She does not force her way like many other Recruiters and I would highly recommend her for the job search.

Manzoor A Shah, M.D; MRCP

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